My Favorite Place to Read and Write

The armchair in my bedroom. It has the perfect light and it used to belong in my grandmother’s house, way back when I was a little girl.  Mimi’s chair used to be in her fancy living room, where the kids weren’t really supposed to hang out, but she didn’t mind too much if I sat in it to read.

That living room was so…white! There was white carpet and light colored upholstery and drapes. It was serene and quiet. The sheers behind the drapes were pulled closed most of the time to keep the sun from fading everything and to keep the heat out. We used to go in there and get the poker chips out and play with them, building towers.

As a parent, I now see the absolute luxury of white carpet and light colored upholstery! I still can’t have it, even though my kids are older.

But by the time grandchildren roll around (Gasp! A long way off I hope), I will have had all the things I’ve done without for long enough to be comfortable with them getting slightly mussed by grubby little fingers!

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