Shark Week!

When I wanted to be a marine biologist,  I wanted to study sharks –

I read the novel “Jaws” after I saw the movie, but really enjoyed Benchley’s scholarly approach to shark fiction – then watched “Blue Water White Death” and really got into it – Started following Eugenie Clark and Valerie Taylor and other shark biologists –

I finally got to swim with a shark just a couple of weeks ago in the Bahamas –

We started watching Shark Week when it started 20 years ago – Kurt and I were new home owners and new parents.  Couldn’t believe how cool it was to see that much information about sharks and that much footage.

And when it came back the next year, we planned our evenings around it.  Now the whole family looks forward to shark week, critiquing  the shows, complaining when too many of the shows are repeated.

My favorite footage is of the sharks that launch out of the water to catch their prey, especially the camera angles from below the prey decoys.

I actually get really testy at Shark Week time – not wanting any talking during the shows and not knitting or doing anything else while the shows are on.

Ok, so shut up and watch Shark Week!!!



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