Warm, clear, salty water…

Sounds of shrimp popping and far-away props…

Drifting with the grass…

Breathing easy…

Just watching the tiny universe in the miniature forest below me.

Reaching down occasionally to touch something and feel big.

The sand, which looks so uniformly white from a distance, is anything but.

Bits of other life forms – sea-based and land-locked – form a matrix like a quilt that tells a story of life and death.

Blades of turtle grass look too dusty to appeal to turtles,

But that’s layer upon layer of life – no such thing as a vegetarian!

King and queen of the bottom are the scallops,

Their eyes like a crown of cabochon sapphires.

How can a rock be so startling?  When you try to pick it up and it flits away!

The threat of snapping your finger is its only weapon, and you laugh at the thought of being (sea)cowed by a spineless thing.

Seagrass and scallops

Seagrass and scallops


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