Music I’ve Been Listening To Recently

Soundtracks as high art? It might not be art, but I like it!

I recently got the soundtrack from Despicable Me. There are some really fun tunes in that! I like soundtracks because they often have some really interesting combinations of songs and some very unique music. A couple of my favorites are soundtracks from “Babel” and “Little Miss Sunshine”. The CDs from “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” and “Cold Mountain” had a huge impact on my listening, opening me up to old time and Civil War era music.

Other soundtracks I listen to a lot are from “Hitch” and “What Women Want” – lots of soul and Sinatra in those. And John Legend – love him! “Get Shorty” has awesome, jazzy tracks that I hear used on NPR between stories.Then, sometimes there are fun surprises like “Super Freak” in LMS, and “Salute Your Solution” from “Zombieland”. And “Amadeus” gives me a classical fix.

I crave a huge variety of music and soundtracks not only give me variety, they remind me of movies I’ve enjoyed.

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