Goin’ to my happy place

So, when I’m stressed and need some peace, I go to my underwater happy place and become the mermaid!  I remember playing mermaid princesses in the pool with my best friend/sis when we were young and had long, dark hair…

Down in the seagrass
Snapping popping sounds around me –
scallops minnows whelks
If I could not-breathe
I could explore more of this
undersea meadow.
Such clear water!
Is it the bay or the pool?
Grass means bay; diving board, pool!
Mermaid princesses’
Watery Satuday realms:
Summer fantasies…
In warm bay water,
I half swim half float half drift,
looking for scallops.
While dolphin-kicking
How long can you hold your breath?
Silvery bubbles…
Pool or bay waters?
Cool, safe, closed or warm, wide open?
Mermaid or huntress?


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