Thank you gabrielleabroad!

I am re-posting here a very good story from my niece’s blog,  It’s a story I should have read Monday!

” The King With Two Crowns There once was a king who owned two crowns. One of his crowns was gold and had many bright jewels on it but he only wore it when he was having a good day and it was sunny and he was feeling well. The second crown he owned was silver with many black jewels. He only wore his silver crown on the days he was in a bad mood and it was possibly raining out or he just didn’t feel well. The town realized that when the king wore his gold crown that he was happy and the town was happy and went to him for questions and help because he was in such a good mood! And when the king wore his silver crown, the town knew not to bother him so his office was closed and no one paid much attention to him because he wasn’t very nice when he was in a bad mood, especially to his Uncle who visited him on his bad days. One morning, the king woke up in an especially good mood because he had awoken to a really great dream. By mistake, however, because he was sleepy, the king put on his silver crown and walked out to breakfast and noticed that he didn’t get a good breakfast like he usually gets on his good days, and there weren’t pretty flowers in the garden and no one came to talk to him. When he looked in the mirror before going to bed he had realized that he put the wrong crown on! Then the king got an idea. The next morning he woke up in a bad mood but decided to put his gold crown on. When he went to breakfast, he got a wonderful meal with eggs and hot coffee and a crispy cinnamon roll, and there were beautiful flowers in the garden, this put the king in a really great mood. When his Uncle came to visit, the king realized what a great guy his Uncle is and how fun it is to visit with him. His uncle was also very confused at why he was so nice to him. When the king went to bed that night, he realized that if he chooses to wear his gold crown even when he’s in a bad mood, things will get better and he will have a good day. The king always had a good day after that!

So the moral of the story is that whether you have a good or bad day, it’s your choice. As long as you have a positive attitude about things then your day is going to be a good day. You will even positively affect the people around you.

Thank you, Gab!


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