Oil Pong

This is based on an article I read today in the Florida Independent about oil found recently in the Gulf that seems to be coming from BP’s infamous Macondo well.

Follow the bouncing facts:


Several oil samples collected by a Mobile, Alabama newspaper in late August bore the same chemical footprint of the Deepwater Horizon oil, according to chemists with Louisiana State University.


“But BP executives have reported finding no leaks in the seal on the Deepwater Horizon well or the relief well, after a survey by a submersible robot.”


“The oil was first spotted during an August flyover by the nonprofit group On Wings of Care. The group was conducting a survey of whale sharks — but instead turned up the enormous oil slick.”


An Aug. 26 press release from BP maintained that there was “no release of oil from the Macondo well.”


Some local folks say that BP has hired  40 shrimping boats to skim oil from the area.


BP has denied those rumors.


“Interestingly, the pilot who conducted the initial flyover notified both NOAA and the U.S. Coast Guard, and was told that NOAA was currently sampling the oil for BP.”


“During On Wings of Care’s most recent flyover, which occurred on Sept. 10, the oil slick was still clearly visible and was spotted in the same general area as the initial flyover.”


But following its own recent flyover, the Coast Guard said it didn’t spot any oil.


“It’s been really strange and discomforting,” says Progress Florida’s Mark Ferrulo. “These [On Wings of Care] pilots were literally fling over a 10-mile long mile slick, and yet the Coast Guard said they couldn’t find it. Their video goes for nine minutes — without any repeats…


And BP says it isn’t there, but there is a BP research ship in the vicinity.”


“In a related story, fresh tar balls have recently begun washing up on the shores of Alabama, following rough waters brought on by Tropical Storm Lee. Though BP has not yet said whether the tar balls are the result of a recent spill (or even last year’s spill), contractors for the company (BP) are removing them anyway.”




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