Don’t “Fall” For It

Today was one of those days here in Florida, especially southwest Florida, that will fool the newbie or shoobie into thinking that fall is on the way.  After all, it IS September, right?  Should be cooler in the mornings and evenings, leaves beginning to turn golden on their way to russet and red.

Fall looks like this, right?

Thanksgiving Camping 2010

But sunnier, with that crisp, bright blue sky that sends all the heat and humidity right up into space.  This picture was on a really cold day near Thanksgiving waaaaaaaay up north in Georgia.

And I guess September’s even better even further up north.  I hear tell that you can carve your Halloween pumpkin a couple of WEEKS before Halloween and it stays!  We get about 36 hours out of the sucker if it’s not too sticky out.

So I can understand when some folks get taken in by the thought of a September from up north, but, I’m warning you – don’t!

It’s gonna stay hot and sticky, mostly, right through Halloween, with maybe a couple of breaks here and there.  You’re gonna sweat in your costume, so don’t plan on dressing up as Chewbacka from Star Wars.

All you Florida newbies and shoobies and folks that couldn’t possibly live here unless the whole state was air conditioned, GET OVER IT!

Just in case someone forgot to tell you, or you missed that day at orientation –

Florida is HOT!  (And we like it that way!)



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