Even gulfchicks get the blues

Gulfchick sometimes has to go to meetings. Meetings are not so bad but can sometimes be repetitive and boring. Thus this post is being written from my iPhone under the table.

The content of this meeting is great, but I’ve seen it before. And it’s a compliment to have been asked to attend and represent this group. But…

See yesterday I was out on the boat all day, cruising Lemon Bay up to Dona Bay looking for salt marsh. That’s a hard act to follow! The weather was perfect (oops, the meeting..)

Okay I’m back.

Oh yeah, boat trip yesterday. Right around the inlet at Dona Bay, Gulf water comes into the bay and mixes with the lower salinity water coming from farther up and into the watershed.

The color of that water was incredible. “Aqua” is such an inadequate word. But I will say it was the color of my husband’s eyes, when he wears a green shirt!

As the water cools down, it typically becomes clearer and more highly oxygenated which contributes to the beautiful appearance. It’s not freezing yet either so wading was very pleasant. (see the Chicks with Ticks post about mud!).

Oops. Meeting. Rats.


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