Back from the Brink

From the title of this post, you may think I’m writing to celebrate the potential down-listing of the wood stork ( ), which by the way is a bunch of hooey ( ).

But, no, I’m writing today because I am back from the brink – the brink that is “The Holidays”, as well as the flu that has leeched all self-esteem, motivation and sex drive out of this frail shell.  Huzzah!!  Let loose the doves!!

Anyhoo, I got going this morning with a visit to one of my favorite blogs that I wanted to tell you about, Tales from the Butterfly Garden: Lepidotera Curious, from the butterfly folks at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Tampa  ( ).  There is a boat-load of great butterfly information here as well as nice writing. They’ve recently become involved with Project Noah ( ) Which is something I’ve been poking at for a little bit to see how cool it might be.

Turns out that Project Noah is totally legit and awesome and stuff, so I joined the Butterfly Garden’s “mission” to document all sightings of butterflies, caterpillars, eggs and chrysalises in the state of Florida ( ) and uploaded a bunch of my butterfly pictures.  Recently, here at the house, we found a white peacock literally stumbling around on the ground with a floppy wing. Took it outside and let it go. It climbed up a plant and hung there – turns out it was newly emerged from it’s chrysalis, which is why it was floppy.  After hanging upside down for a few minutes, it climbed down onto the ground and was immediately beset by two other white peacocks, leading us to the conclusion that our floppy-winged friend was a female and the two thugs were males looking for some fresh goodies!  Those photos are up now on the Florida butterfly mission page!.

Soon to come, long overdue photos and stories from the annual Thanksgiving camping trip, Christmas whining and photos of my frost-killed yard (yes, frost!)

Ciao for now!


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