Ptooey, Patootie, Pshaw

Today in Florida is the Presidential Preferential Primary, or the PPP, otherwise known as Ptooey, Patootie, Pshaw.  If you’re as disillusioned by politics as I am, I’ll be a good Republican and let you use that phrase for $1 per usage. With all the money I make, I’ll fund a Super-PAC to support….hmmm, let’s see…

That’s the whole problem. Who would I buy? Mitt’s a backstabber. He came up with some good ideas in Maine or Vermont or New Hampshire – somewhere “up there”, but now that he’s in this contest to see who can move to the right of Ghengis Khan, he’s disavowed all knowledge of those ideas. So who knows what he would do if he were elected President. He’d be good looking though, and well spoken. Like Ryan Seacrest.

So what about Newt? Do we really want a President named Newt? I like newts, don’t get me wrong, but unless Newt lives on the forest floor beneath damp leaves along a stream (and I don’t think Calista will let him), I don’t want any part of Newt-with-a-capital-N. Besides, he also seems to have a pretty bad memory about stuff he said and did in the past. “Ethics violations?! I have know recollection of that, Senator!” Newt maybe from the south, but he’s still skeevy.

My husband is threatening to vote for Ron Paul. Wackadoodle. Ron Paul, that is, not my husband (well…). What an interesting assortment of stands on different issues. One thing I like about Paul is that he admits to having a personal belief system that he doesn’t insist on imposing on the rest of the nation. He doesn’t have a snowball’s chance.

Santorum will never recover from the dirty trick they played on him with his name. Besides, he’s just another idealogue.

The really shameful thing about the Republican party is that it advocates more and more a theocracy – a government based on religion. And the right religion is, supposedly, Christianity. I’m not going to try to debate what may or may not have been in the “Founding Fathers'” heads (besides, if Abigail Adams was any indication, whatever the Fathers thought was significantly influenced by the Mothers). But I would debate that we would not be much different than the (insert name of controversial hyper-conservative religious group) in (insert name of fractious middle eastern country) if we start imposing religion-based rules on our citizens.

I do think it’s fair for these candidates to state that their biggest goal is to unseat the President; that’s what this “race” is all about.  But I also think it’s downright treasonous for sitting Congressmen to say that their number one agenda item is to make sure that the President fails at whatever he tries. When the President fails, our country falters – that’s not good for anyone.  Those guys ought to be put in the stocks. I’ll bring the overripe tomatoes.

So based on all of that, I gave up my life-long Republican Party affiliation last year. Now I’m NPA – No Party Affiliation. I don’t think you can register as “Independent” although that’s how I think of myself. The Republicans have lost me and quite a few of my friends at least in part because they became monolithic in their platform, which has devolved into “Win At Any Cost”

N0t interested – PPP


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