Sepia Glamor

Here’s a photo I have shamelessly ripped off from my Aunt Mary’s Facebook page:

My grandmother, father and aunt

Yesterday was my cousin Jill’s birthday. I love that her birthday is on February 2. She may have mixed feelings about being associated with Groundhog Day, but I find that it’s an indelible reminder of her birthday.

Anyway, when I visited Cuz’s Facebook page to wish her a happy b-day, I found this photo. I was just mesmerized.

I was lucky to have both my grandmothers well into their 90s. They were both huge parts of my life, my upbringing, my heart. They taught me how to cook, bake, knit, crochet, sew. They taught me that it won’t kill you to eat raw eggs, cookie dough or hot dogs. They taught me the joy of homemaking way before Martha Stewart made it cool – wrapping gifts beautifully, setting an abundant table, paying attention to the bygone niceties. I miss them both every day.

My dad is the distracted little boy in the photo. I can hear him now…Are we done yet?  Check out his spread collar and his wicked hairdo. So cool…

The little girl is my aunt. So precious! Dressed up so sweet and holding a posie. What a doll-baby!

But my grandmother…look at her. She’s stunning. She must have been well into her 30s then, with years of housewifing and kidraising under her tiny belt, but she looks so…glamorous to me! Looking directly at the camera (likely held by my grandfather, an ace photographer), she’s got a movie starlet look on her face. I can picture her like that, working in her garden, she looks up into the sun and pushes the hair away from her face with the back of her hand…


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