The Power of Bacon

“WOW! You’re the greatest, Mom!”

What do you have to do to get praise like that?

It’s simple: cook bacon.

What is it about this stuff that turns so many of us into drooling carnivorous fools, leaping off our good eating habits like wolves in front of a freshly killed moose? I have seen bacon included in so many crazy combinations lately that I’m starting to think they put crack in it. Like McDonald’s french fries. (Yes, “they.”)

Outside the normal range of bacon, bacon cheeseburgers, BLTs, and bacon on spinach salads, I’ve seen

bacon doughnuts, bacon ice cream, bacon chewing gum, bacon frosting, bacon lollipops, bacon popcorn (not that weird, why didn’t we think of that before?), bacon toothpaste (ewww), bacon lip balm and bacon mints.

My First Bacon - Talking Plush


A word here about my favorite sandwich, the BLT. It really should be called a BLTM, because mayonnaise is a critical, integral ingredient, and any restaurant that serves a BLT without the M (or even has the gall to ASK IF you want mayo on it, should be burned to the ground and the cook’s hat should be shredded in front of him on the steps of City Hall.

My friend Jake says he and his family celebrate weekly BLT nights at their house, dressing it up with ranch and doing other fancy things – what a beautiful expression of BLT art. Keep the spirit alive Jake!!

Now I’m hungry.




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