New stuff

And so begins the next chapter…

Last week and this week have been the first two weeks of my new job. I separate them out because (1) this week isn’t really a whole week yet, and (2) last week was very different that this week.

Last week I was settling into temporary space, trying to explain to the nice people there that I wasn’t an intern and trying to convince them not to give me yet another email account, as I’m already juggling two for work and one for personal. Kind of made my own way last week.

This week, I’m in Tallahassee, getting oriented to the new agency I’ll be working for, meeting people,  organizing the office I’ve been given, figuring out the lay of the land.

And..renting a storage space, lugging boxes and backpacks, finding an apartment or house to rent for later this summer, trying not to stress eat, trying to exercise, procrastinating my schoolwork, procrastinating my contract work, trying not to let my family know that I’m enjoying a little time away, and not watching television…

On the upside, the weather is perfect. Today, a few of us walked a couple of blocks up and down hilly streets to get some vegan food at a really cool restaurant call Soul Veg. The temperature is so pleasant and the roads are so shady, I never even broke a sweat. By the way, the food was awesome. The place is apparently run by a group of African-Americans from Chicago who moved to Israel and lived there for a while, then relocated here. Gotta be a good story there.

The building my office is in is a former school originally built in 1924. You can tell immediately that it used to be a school.  The hallways were a giveaway for me. They just looked like school hallways.

The place is called the Bloxham Building. We that work there are called the Bloxhamites. Feels a bit like being in exile away from the main Bryant Building, but there are big windows, which is a plus!

Yesterday was overwhelming, today I got a sense that I might really be able to do this job. Whew!

One thought on “New stuff

  1. Hey, Whitney, great little update on your new adventure. I love Tallahassee so much. Have a great time and keep the updates coming!

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