This is hard/Tallahassee vs. the Gulf

Broke my glasses

Almost broke my thumb

Feels like I’m breaking others’ hearts and backs chasing my dream

Trying not to break the bank

Breaking down

Is this really going to work?


You might think, from previous posts, that gulfchick is strictly a beach/coast girl. Not so! There is something very soothing about the landscape here.

The earth is alternately red clay hills and sandy flats; oaks of many stripes, and sycamores and maples and pines; dogwood and azaleas and daffodils. Lots of little roadside wildflowers are blooming. Yesterday, crossing a bridge on foot, I saw a dragonfly with a white body way down below me on the bank of a muddy stream. Double-take!

The days are warm, into the mid 80s, but the breeze is so cool that I could walk to lunch and back and my blouse stayed dry – even walking uphill!  I know, I know, these days will end and the heat of summer will descend on this town as it always does. With the exception of central Florida, near Howie-in-the-Hills and Mount (haha) Dora, this is the hottest place I’ve been to in the summer. But there is shade…ahhhhh, shade.

I have a fantasy of laying in a hammock strung between two trees, in dappled light with the sun warm and the breeze cool, but not too cool. I remember doing that behind my parents’ friends’ house in Crystal Beach long ago. The trees were tall pines just a few feet from the bay. After a day of scalloping (where there are none today), we would head in to cook and eat with the regular posse. I was tired from the sun and water all day and fell asleep in the hammock, rocked by the summer breeze.

This is a good place for hammocks. (Not “this” as in the road pictured below, but “this” as in Tallahassee in general.)


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