It’s All Downhill From Here (and Uphill on the way Home)

I talk the talk a bunch about being “green”, “sustainable”, “aware”, what-have-you, but today, I walked the walk – literally!

Today was Day One in my quest to walk to work more often than driving. Now that I work 1.2 miles from my office, I finally live within a reasonable distance and can walk along a route that doesn’t represent a scenario the actuaries predicted when making  the life expectancy tables.

It took me about 20 minutes. I started at 7:50 and arrived at 8:10. Sidewalks most of the way and so shady that my sunglasses stayed perched on top of my head.  I got to hear the birds singing, see the flowers and trees, smell fresh-cut grass. I was not: run over by a car, assaulted by gang members, attacked by roving pit bulls, or shouted at by impatient drivers. Lovely!

The heat? Well, that is a bit of a factor. It was a little warm this morning, about 73 when I struck out. Then again, I didn’t have to be too dressed up at work today, so I could choose cooler clothing: a light skirt and short-sleeved linen blouse. I wore some sneakery-type shoes and brought nicer ones in my backpack. Kept makeup to a minimum.

Back in my sorority days we had a saying: Horses sweat; people perspire; ladies glisten; and Kappa Deltas shine. I arrived this morning a bit shiny, but not too wilted.

Certainly this won’t work for every single day, but I felt really good about doing it, even in the face of iffy weather reports. I wish you could have seen the number of cars that went past me with only one occupant, all heading in the same basic direction; the same direction, by the way, as the bus that also passed me.

Oh, that’s right, you can see that: just take a look at the roads around you, wherever you are! 

I know – the bus is inconvenient, carpooling puts you at the mercy of wierdos and most of us live too far away from work to walk. At some point, though, something’s got to give. Right?


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