The siren song of mindlessness

TV is a siren…

No not this kind

   Air raid siren  

This kind

The kind that sings sweetly to sailors, tempting them to bring their ships too close to the rocky shore.

I’ve been going along quite nicely without TV since Friday. Dealing with Comcast is the same no matter where you are. THEY SUCK! And, somehow, they are the only deal in town. Again.

Couldn’t manage to get them out to the house until today, so in the evenings, I’ve been working on schoolwork or watching stuff on NetFlix. I watched part of a movie called “Ondine” that had been recommended to me about a mermaid sort of person in Ireland. It’s a bad movie. Don’t watch it. Collin Ferrell is horrible in this but he’s not the worst one in the cast. Then I watched “Mrs. Brown” a movie about Queen Victoria (played by Judy Dench) after Prince Albert died and how she grieved forever and basically didn’t want to be queen anymore. I didn’t know that about her. I thought she was a tough old bird til the end. That was a good movie – touching, funny, sweet.

Today, though, Comcast made it out here at the same time I was here and got the cable working. After they finished, I took the dog for a walk and when I got back, I made some dinner. I walked back out into the living room with my plate and, almost automatically, turned on the TV! To watch what? Oh, it didn’t matter…the siren was singing to me!

See, the rest of the week, I had been very selective about what I could watch (oh, I forgot, I watched Stephen Colbert on line too) because I couldn’t just turn it on and let it run. Watching content online means finding content: deliberately choosing what you want to watch at any given moment. That way, you make it count, especially because the choices are limited.

Just knowing that it was available almost made me go on video autopilot again…

But I refrained, chose to write about it instead, and now, I’ll do some more school work and maybe catch Colbert online.

Sing on, siren, I’m stayin’ away from the rocks tonight!

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