Leon Sinks – That’s a noun, not a verb…

I visited the Leon Sinks Geological Site recently and it was a day for blue things.

The sky was an amazing clear, fall blue.

Looking up through the longleaf pines made me dizzy: the perspective, the beauty, the crisp air…fall in north Florida is a delight for the senses.

These trees are a bit hard to tell from the more common slash pines, until you compare the size of their cones…

Leon Sinks is a park that showcases the interesting geology and topography of the north part of the state. Running smack through the panhandle is a geological boundary between landforms. It’s a very old part of the state that stayed above water during the sea level changes that occurred as ice ages came and went. That results in critters and plants that have longer Florida pedigrees than any of us!

Back to the blue stuff…

Finding this blue mistflower made me think blue would be the theme for the day…

This Eastern Fence Lizard blue me away! Spending most of the past 25+ years down in the peninsula of the state, I had not seen this beauty before and its cobalt belly took me by surprise. Many of my colleagues, when I told them with wide eyes and a “guess what I saw!” enthusiasm in my voice, about seeing this guy were, shall we say, nonplussed…

I still think it’s cool!

More blue, still not in its name…This Red-Spotted Purple continued the blue streak…

I know, I know, this is really more purple than blue…probably a blazing star relative, genus Liatris

Equal time for other colors? How about some green?

Friends from further south have lately asked, “So is there any fall color up there?”



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