The world spins faster and
People speak loudly and sharply.
Everything is interesting but
It all takes so much energy.
Pulled in so many directions, I
Stretch but
Like a bubblegum bubble blown too large,
I’m stretched too thin to survive much of a poke.

Around me, others, youngers, seem better able to keep up.
Adding on more and more and more, they make names for themselves
While I fret about why I’m not making a name for myself;
While I fret.

How does this end?
Will I eventually be pulled in fewer directions? Stretched less? Be able to withstand a hearty poke and bounce back?
Is there a normal in my future when I can “settle in” to a set of regular to-dos, punctuated by special events, instead of this existence of constant special events punctuated by crises?
Swimming regular steady strokes
Instead of treading water in 40 foot seas?

How long can I tread water?
How hard can I be poked?
How long can I do “normal”
and not get bored?



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