Top 5 Wildflowers NOT to Name Someone After

It’s raining, raining, raining today, as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow according to most reports. The spousal unit likes to say that Tallahassee is the rainiest place he’s ever been. Not sure I totally agree with that (totally agreeing with him would so run against form for me anyway), but it sure is rainy. The cardinals in the birdbath are loving it, though, and are not fazed at all by the lightning and thunder.

Last week’s weather was sunnier and made for some nice urban bird watching here in the backyard. Cedar waxwings, scarlet tanagers, and eastern towhees showed up to eat our not-quite-ripe mulberries. A nuthatch climbed up and down the pine right in front of us for quite a while before we noticed it, then noticed three others. We keep the binoculars close at hand in this place!

“Nuthatch” – What a name, huh!?

While we were sitting in the backyard one afternoon, I began thinking about how people have long named their girls after pretty flowers, like Rose, Daisy, and Iris. But my favorite flowers are wildflowers, which often have really weird names. I thought about it for a while and tickled myself thinking up the:
1. Beardtongue – Penstemon laevigatus

2. Frog fruit – Phyla nodiflora

3. Fleabane – Erigeron annuus

4. Tickseed – Coreopsis floridana

5. Toadflax – Linaria canadensis


These are all native Florida wildflowers that commonly grow in lots and on roadsides; I used to give bouquets of toadflax to my mom from the vacant lots around our house.

And they are all so beautiful, especially up close, even if they do have funny names. Sort of like your sweet friend whose name is…

All photos are from the USF online plant atlas


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