I may be too old for this…

I’m approaching growing my hair out as a scientist. That is, a negative result of an experiment yields data just as valuable as a positive result. So, if I grow my hair out and it looks terrible, it’s all coming off again, I swear.

I’ve never been one to fuss much with my hair. Well, that’s not strictly true, as you can see from pictures of my permed, rolled, blow-dried hair from the 70s and 80s. If I would let you see them, that is.

But I never mastered the round brush.

PS, I cannot do selfies.

2014-05-15 07.59.59

Plus, my mother thinks long, gray hair makes women look like witches. I think she just has a deep-seated fear of hippies; regardless, I am not coloring the gray out of my hair again, it’s just too much work.

I may do something more creative, though…




4 thoughts on “I may be too old for this…

  1. congrats on mastering the round brush – I still can’t control it! Having done it myself, growing out your hair can actually be enlightening , though I recommedn stocking up on bobby pins. For me the critical part was making sure that my hair doesn’t look like Bozo the clown when I wear a ball cap.


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