Crazy ordinary things that happened in my life today

1. #2 daughter calls from many states away to say she’s increasingly dizzy for no good reason and wants to know if it’s ok for her to go to a doctor. Doctor later sends her to the ER.

1a. Husband works in a lead-lined health care facility with zero cell phone reception.

2. After calling my mother to let her know what’s going on with #2, she calls me back, panicking, because she thinks I’m making something up because the situation is actually much worse, and I’m just hiding that from her.

3. Youngest son begs for money to get his car repaired. It is later revealed that he has plenty of money to pay for it himself, he’s just “saving it”.

4. Youngest son goes out to the movies and is incommunicado for hours afterwards, making it impossible to tell him about #2 in the hospital.

5. Youngest son cops an attitude when confronted with items 3 and 4 above.

6. Best friend at work is moving out of state next week.

7. Had to rip out 4 rows of the sock I’m knitting.

Happy ending:
#2 back in her apartment recovering with a good prognosis.
Nothing else really matters.


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