Spring is springy

Spring in Tallahassee this year is much different than last year. In 2013, spring crashed winter’s party, brought up temps, brought out all the flowers at once, brought out the spring wardrobes. Winter, kind of an introvert, felt pretty threatened and split.

This year, winter was feelin a little edgy, and didn’t want to be taken for granted. Spring has tried to sneak in, warmed things up, got some blooms goin, talked us into trying out the flip flops. Then winter would find out and have a fit: sleet storms, 3-day rains, frosts, freezes.



The two of them have really had a three month bitch fight, slappin and pullin hair til the rest of us are, like, Forget you guys! I’m goin to the beach to wait for summer. Summer is way more chill.